Introducing Titus: Limited Edition Plaid Camera Strap

The Titus limited edition, plaid camera strap is named in honor of an inspiring child that is both blind and deaf, yet continues to bring unexpected joy to everyone he meets. 

Titus has been a fighter since the day he was born with micronagthia (a recessed chin that blocked his breathing), cleft palate, profound deafness, blindness, Dandy-Walker variant, ASD/VSD, hemi-vertebrae in the spine, horseshoe shaped kidney and the list continues. He is now mostly deaf and blind, however he continues to wear a contagious smile and joyfully laugh with his four brothers every day.

His parents, Paul and Becky Daily, have shown great strength, as well! Having to watch your child undergo eight surgeries in a mere 14 month period is something that we can't begin to imagine. However even through these tough and trying times, the entire Daily family has stood together as a strong unit and has grown even closer as a result!

Titus continues to bring joy to the Daily family with a smile that can light up a room and a laugh that warms our hearts. If you want to learn more about Titus and the Daily's, grab a tissue and watch the video below: 

The camera strap itself embodies the same cozy feeling our team feels each time we watch the video above. The comfortable plaid makes it the perfect holiday gift, and the classic print makes it suitable for all fashion tastes. Hurry to purchase this quality camera strap before the limited edition supply is gone!

Titus plaid camera strap

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The Fotostrap isn't only fashionable, you can bet that our camera straps won't disappoint. The genuine leather used is the same durable variety that is used for horse saddles. Our double-stitching detail ensures that your camera strap is long lasting and able to safely hold a heavy camera.  

Don't forget to stop by Fotolanthropy to view the photography session with Titus and his family

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