Fotostrap Introduces Camp & Asher Limited Edition Story Straps!

Fotostrap is pleased to announce a new line of Fotostraps called "Story Straps"

Story Straps

The Story Straps are a collection of limited edition Fotostraps.  Each one of these styles are created and named in honor of a specific inspiring Fotolanthropy story.  They are all limited edition so when they sell out they are gone!  For each sale of a Story Strap, the 10% that is donated to Fotolanthropy is directly given to the specific Fotolanthropy Story the camera strap is named after.  

 Camp & Asher

Camp and Asher have been named in honor of the new Fotolanthropy film "Gloriously Ruined" the inspiring true story of a family that adopted to babies from Ethiopia, Camp and Asher. Check out their story here: --> Grab a kleenex because this happy ending story will melt your heart!



A fabulous shade of kelly green and white seersucker paired with chestnut leather.

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A classic black and white seersucker paired with chestnut leather.

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