Extend Your Brand With Fotostrap!

It's a new year, and you might be looking for a creative way to extend your brand this year!

Kick off your new year with a statement!  If you have a company design file, we've got you covered! One of our favorite features about the Fotostrap is that we have the ability to add a custom monogram to the leather shoulder pad!  Not only can we add text such as monograms, initials, and names, but we also have the ability to monogram design files!  We are one of the few brands out there that offers this savvy customization option for our products.

Wanting to get your company's new design file monogrammed on your Fotostrap?  Just make sure you have a completely black and white high resolution JPEG available to upload after checking out and our monogram team will do the rest!  Files with grayscale, color, photographs, and sketches are not acceptable files.

Do you already own a Fotostrap and are you wondering how you can update your own shoulder pad to rep your brand?  You can simply purchase a single shoulder pad and add your new design file to be monogrammed on the shoulder pad!  Once you receive the shoulder pad in the mail, you can simply slide your old shoulder pad off and slide the new one on! 

Cheers to extending your brand in 2016 with the help of your monogrammed Fotostrap! 

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