October Vibes for Fotostrap

It's the middle of October and fall is officially in full swing! 

October has inspired us to highlight some of our favorite fall Fotostrap colors. 

The Sweet Potato Fotostrap is definitely a favorite this time of year!  With it's burnt orange hue, this camera strap makes us think of carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie, and toning down those bright summer colors and embracing the muted fall hues.

The Black Fotostrap is a classic strap all year around, but with Halloween being around the corner, you may want to hook your camera up with this Black Fotostrap to get in the Halloween mood! Plus, it might go well with all your fun Halloween decorations you'll be putting up, like those silly spiders!

The Golden Fotostrap might start to emulate those delicious candy corns that will start to pop up around your home this time of year.  Not to mention this happy yellow color brings some bright color to spruce up the more muted colors that emerge during this season.

The Scarlet Fotostrap is a beautiful red that seems to emulate all those changing leaves.  Adding this bold red camera strap to your camera will bring some fun variety to your gear as well as give you a warm, cherry feel!

What colors inspire you this time of year? 

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