Meet @SamCiurdar! #Fotospotting Feature

Hello! We’re so excited to host you on our Fotospotting Feature! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Sam Ciurdar and I am a filmmaker/photographer. I am married to the beautiful Amanda Ciurdar whom I also run the Instagram Adventure That Is Life with! We love to travel and are huge on creating community!

What can you share about your business?

I've always loved film since I was a kid. I used to steal my dad's camera and go film random things. Later, that hobby matured to something more real. I have won a number of awards for my short film and am constantly trying to get a fix on my addiction to tell stories!

I stumbled into photography and was something I always thought was very interesting growing up. I never owned a camera until I purchased the 7D. I purchased the camera to use it for video, and this was early on when DSLRs were being used to create amazing visuals for film. I figured, well, now I have a camera - I might as well start snapping some shots. Now, today, it's one of my main sources of income and has become one of my biggest passions, next to film of course.

What's the best advice you've been given about your business/organization?

The best advice given to me is when someone told me that handouts are a facade. From there I've learned that If you want to get something done, or to do something (such as film or photography) - the best thing is to go out and do it. Not everyone has the passion for it, just like I don't have an ounce of passion for mechanical work on cars. I don't care, at all, can't stress that enough. But there are people who LOVE it! I love telling stories through a single frame, and even more so through moving images. If you've been given a desire to do something, you owe it to yourself to see that through. Go out and do it!

What's your favorite thing about Fotostrap?

Companies that give back is always the biggest thing to me. When companies are able to put people over their profits is a huge win. On top of that, they are able to make something with comfort and style. It's always nice when you are able to find something that is super comfortable but also something that is really great looking. That's something Fotostrap has definitely achieved!

Who do you admire and why?

Someone I've always wanted to meet, I've always looked up to the works of director Ron Howard. He's constantly working on films, but at the same time he's a devoted husband and father. That's a rare thing in the film industry, and if there was someone’s career I'd love to model mine after, it would be his.

Where do you find inspiration?

As far as photography, I'm constantly inspired by all the people who post their daily adventures on Instagram from around the world. They take me to places I can only dream to go through their photos. I love that about the Instagram community - it's a constant circle of people inspiring people.

Describe where you see yourself in 5 to 10 years.

On top of being a father, I'd love to have a more established film career, directing feature films or television. That's the dream, so we’ll see!

What are some of your favorite photography "must haves"?

Must haves for me is my Canon 6D paired with my iPhone. I love it, and it has become a MUST for me to have a camera that has built in wifi. I can shoot something for a client (or just for myself) and be able to get it on my phone and on Instagram or emailed out within minutes!

It's so great to meet you, Sam!  Thanks for sharing a small part of your world with us.  We've caught the travel bug for sure, after seeing all these gorgeous places you've captured.  Be sure to follow Sam on social media!

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