2019: What Matters the Most

Fotostrap team

As we celebrate a new year, our team just can't let 2019 roll away without commemorating some of our favorite moments and the takeaways that matter the most from this incredible year. We are so very grateful for you all - our dynamic community of customers that we get to serve. Cheers to a wonderful 2019 and 2020.

- the FOTO team


1. Connection matters. 

A 2019 highlight for us was meeting some of our customers and lots of new friends face-to-face at the 2019 Insta-Inspire retreat in Charleston, South Carolina. We're planning to be at more photography gatherings in 2020 and would adore the chance to shake hands and have coffee with any of you. Likewise, we are grateful for the connection we have with so many of you online. We are thankful for the messages, comments and feedback that we get on social and intentionally build our social profiles and blog as a space to connect. Social media can be such a great tool to encourage, and we are blown away by the way you all support each other in such a competitive industry. (photo credit: @wewanderersretreat)


2. Partnership matters.

 In 2019, we had the opportunity to partner with numerous individuals and organizations who are doing so much good for the industry. If you are a photographer who took the time to align with our brand, thoroughly test our products, post a review or share about what we do, we are so thankful for you. And to the organizations we got to work with - Clickin Moms, PPA and the Rising Tide Society, to name a few - a very heartfelt thank you for all you are doing to keep the industry flourishing. (photo credit: @lemonadeandlenses and @therealdanaleigh)

Anthems on Designer Fotostraps

3. Inspiration matters.

As creative people ourselves, we know that inspiration doesn't always come easily. That's one reason why we introduced the "anthem message" feature, allowing customers to inscribe sacred, inspiring words on their camera straps. When we review customer orders, we have the privilege to see the powerful words you all are claiming as your anthems. We've seen bold statements that motivate, names and phrases that endear and even lines of classic literature. What is most fulfilling for our team to see is that many of you are choosing to share photos of your highly personal anthems in hopes that you may inspire others, too. (photo credit @jessbarfield and @alexraemontalvo)

Memory Card Wallet

4. Your time matters.

We saw you this year...working weekends, evenings and your hardest during the holiday season. But we also are seeing more of you talk about setting boundaries and limiting shoots so you can have time with your own families. As a company run by photographers and moms, we champion the perspective of working smarter, not harder. Our newest product that protects your work (...and all the hours of shooting and editing you put into it) was even born out of this thinking. (photo credit: @kimlynchauvin and @christinajonesphoto)


5. Your health matters.

This year, we've had a number of intimate conversations with photographers during which the physical demands of photography were discussed. For those of you who shoot professionally, you have a rewarding but demanding role that involves hours of standing, squatting, holding, walking, and stretching to get the perfect shot. It can take a toll on our bodies and minds, but the conversation is also starting to shift to how we can take better care of ourselves, physically and mentally. We truly seek to best equip all of our customers, so stay tuned for more product innovations that we hope will bring ease, comfort and flexibility to many of you. (photo credit: @bgodbee.photographer and @rachelehphotos)

7 yards wedding

6. The FOTO mission matters.

Fotostrap was started to provide photographers with a camera strap that excels in style and performance AND to help support Fotolanthropy, a nonprofit that shares stories of strength and hope. This year, you all delivered. Thanks to your Fotostrap purchases and the support of Fotolanthropy donors, production costs for the current Fotolanthropy documentary - 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story - were fully met. We are excited, humbled but not at all surprised. Thanks to each of you who purchased a Fotostrap for yourself, a family member or friend this year - we are one step closer to sharing this film and celebrating such a powerful story. Follow @fotolanthropy on Instagram for updates on the film journey. (photo credit: @sarahkatephotography)

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