Four Fall Details For Your Wardrobe

Happy October!  

Since the Fall season is here, we thought we'd look at some trends to incorporate into your wardrobe in the coming months.  By simply adding something here or there to your closet, you can really take it up a notch.



Our first trend is leather.  You can start small with a leather boots, or a leather jacket.  Leather leggings are great for layering and look great when paired with long shirts.   We love leather accents, like this great leather wallet from the Etsy shop Harlex that could also be used as a clutch, and our leather Fotostrap is a great accessory to up the lux factor, too.


Layering is practical and fashionable--a great combination.  Practically speaking, it keeps you warmer and allows you to easily adapt as the weather changes throughout the day.  Cool in the morning and evening?  A vest is a great choice.  If you're walking in the park, though, you might get a little toasty, and a vest is easy to take off, and not cumbersome to tote around.


Texture is easily added in layers--whether it's a chunky necklace, like the one paired with the leather dress, or a faux fur vest, you can add as much or as little as you'd like, depending on your style and taste.


Details are key.  Here at Fotostrap, we value details, whether it's monogramming, or stitching or styling--that's just part of our brand.  Take notes from the pictures above and see the contrasting zipper in the Burberry boots, or the gold chain of the purse.  Details elevate a simple style and add another dimension to your outfits.


What do you see trending this Fall?  Tell us in the comments.



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