Cool off with a Colorado Hike and Fotostrap

As the summer heat continues to rise, we're dreaming of ways to cool off and great places to visit.  Colorado definitely tops the list!  (Colorado photo source.)  
Here's what's on our packing list:
Wear something comfy, like these Lulu Lemon Crop Pants with a pocket, and these Ahnu Waterproof Hiking boots, available at Nordstrom.
Pack what you need in a carry-all Backpack from REI.
Stay hydrated with a Camel Back water bottle from Target.
Sleep in a the Magellan Outdoor Cabin Tent, available at Academy.
And last but not least, don't forget your Navy Fotostrap to capture all your great memories with your camera!


Tell us, what's on your list of must-haves for a hike??

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