The Artist Fotostrap in Collaboration with Kelley Meyer

We're continuing our features with talented artists who collaborated with us on our latest release, The Artist Fotostrap.  Our goal is to give our customers great inspiration on how they can personalize their very own camera strap.  Today we are behind the scenes with artist Kelley Meyer.

Kelley Meyer is a Dallas girl at heart, but her life, her work and her art has kept her from Texas for the last ten.  She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  With most of her time spent in the Fibers Department, she explored a variety of mediums including concrete, wax, silks and pigments. It wasn't until her senior year at the Institute that she began to paint.  Painting has since become her favorite artistic expression.

Since graduating, she's occupied her time as a globetrotter.  Seeing the world has greatly influenced her world view as well as her artistic eye.  Her art has been inspired by everything from the jungles and patterns of Africa to the colorful cities and textiles of India to the exotic life in the Pacific Islands.  Her work has been featured in the Dallas Museum of Art, the Burren College of Art and in galleries throughout America.

She currently works primarily with watercolors, though her Fibers background is never too far.  She likes to incorporate a variety of mediums into her work because pushing the boundaries, in art and in life, has always been second nature to her.

She sells prints of her work on and also is available for commissions.  She currently lives in Florida with her husband and their irresistibly cute baby girl.  

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