Photographers We Admire: Jamie Shultz


Growing up in Nebraska, Jamie Shultz spent hours in her grandmothers flower shop where she began to cultivate her creative spirit. As she grew older, she picked up a camera and knew that photography would serve as her main creative outlet. 

We admire Jamie because of her simple, yet honest, portraiture style. She achieves this with an impeccable attention to detail and an ability to make her clients feel comfortable enough to let their personalities shine through the photo.

Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Photography book, as well as numerous ad campaigns for brands, such as Vogue, Lucky and Allure. Jamies blog is also full of great tips, as well. Here are a couple of our favorites: 

  1. Summertime - Maybe its because were longing for summer. Maybe its because this little girl is adorable. Either way, this session is great!
  2. Everyday Photos - Many photographers take enough daily photos to fill hundreds of photo albums. Jamie offers her tips to get them off digital devices and out for everyone to enjoy. 

She also contributes to the industry with her own design studio, Jamie Schultz Designs. This is where she shows off her graphic design abilities and provides projects for photographers to utilize worldwide. 

You can currently find Jamie at her boutique-style photography studio in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin. When shes not busy with this, you can find her spending time with her husband and two boys or creating fun box lunches on This Lunch Rox!

Be sure to like her on Facebook and follow on Twitter @jamieschultz to stay up to date on what Jamie Shultz Photography has going on!

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