People We Admire: Anna Liesemeyer from In Honor of Design

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Being artists at heart, everyone on the Fotostrap team has a soft spot for those who share their creativity to inspire others. With her effortless style, photography tips and design eye, Anna Liesemeyer from In Honor of Design is the latest person we admire! 

As Anna states “the mind of a creative is never at rest.” She started In Honor of Design, or IHOD, as a way to channel all of that creative inspiration. Little did she know, it would turn into a lifestyle blog that inspires many each day. 

Her blog features such topics as fashion, design, lifestyle and motherhood. A  few of our favorite posts are: 

  1. Photography Lighting Textures and How to Dress for a Family PhotoWith the help of Ruche, Rock the Shot Forum and Laci Davis Photography, Anna gives some tips on editing with texture and styling a family photo. 
  2. NYC - Photoshoot with Kat Harris for Olivia Childs - It’s hard not to love this outfit! The jacket even reminds us of the Travis Fotostrap!
  3. Take3: The Sunny 16 Rule, Lenses and Free Photoshop Actions! - Looking for some easy photography tips to keep in your back pocket? These are great! She even lists some great free Photoshop Actions to help you save time.

IHOD is a place where anyone can browse and get inspiration to do the little things in life with lot of heart. In our work with Fotolanthropy, we know exactly what she means! 

Where do you gain inspiration to live a better life? Share with us on Twitter at @Fotostrap!

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