Fotostrap's Wedding Gift Guide

Fotostrap Wedding gift guide

The holidays are fast approaching and for photographers that also means engagement season is in full swing. If you, or someone you know is now engaged start thinking of what gift to bring to the ceremony or engagement party. Shy away from toaster ovens and blenders and get the couple something they will truly enjoy from Fotostrap's wedding gift guide below!

01) Monogramable Tea Towels - If there is one thing that our team and newlyweds everywhere love, it's a good monogram. These customizable, striped tea towels from Goop are the perfect edition to any kitchen.

02) Chalk-friendly Vase - Home decor is always a great gift for couples. It can help them entertain, as well as spruce up the home. This fun piece from Chalkboard China is a versatile vase, as well as a chalkboard canvas to customize for every event.

03) Colorful Poker Chips - We found these poker chips on BRIDES and immediately thought of the couple who lives for game night. The fun color also makes it a great table-top display!

04) Charity Donation - Donating to charities on behalf of someone has become a popular gift in recent years. Consider a donation in the name of the couple to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit that gives portrait sessions and short films to inspiring people overcoming adversity.

05) Bride/Groom Monogram Fotostraps - There is a time in every couple's life when they will take photos. Whether it's vacations, baby's first steps or birthday parties. So, why not spruce up their camera? We love the idea of a fun "Bride" and "Groom" monogram!

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