Mint on the mind

Posted on July 28, 2016 by FOTO

mint on the mind

We are going mintal over our newest color! Seriously, we CANNOT get enough of it and are just loving how this shade brightens up any outfit and looks so chic against our genuine leather accents! Since we already have mint on our minds, we thought we'd round up a few of our other favorite mint accessories in case you are going on a mint binge, too.

1. Mint KOSS Ear Bud Fit Clips

The KOSS FitClips are the perfect listening accessory for the woman who digs comfort, style and sound quality. Sweat-resistant and available in MINT, these ear buds are ideal for on-the-go style gurus like you.

2. Mint Michael Kors Satchel

Expertly designed and brilliantly crafted, this large patent-leather satchel bag is an essential addition to your wardrobe. With a glossy exterior and an abundance of inside compartments, this bag will be a go-to all year long. And did we mention it's mint?

3. Mint Bullet Necklace from Half United

Join the fight against hunger with this military-chic necklace (complete with mint powder coating on center piece of recycled bullet casing) from Half United. Fashionable and socially conscious, every product purchased provides 7 meals for a child in need!

4. Mint Travel Mug from MoMA

Keep sleek and caffeinated with this Stelton's travel mug featuring a state-of-the-art smart click function that allows you to open/close the cup with one hand and drink from all sides of it. This mint beauty really is a coffee-lover's dream come true.

5. Mint H&M Sunglasses

If you really want to commit to mint, you'll need these sweet little sunnies from H&M. But beware-- all eyes will be on your enviable eyewear.

6. Mint Monogrammed Fotostrap

The latest and greatest of camera straps is this limited edition Mint Fotostrap! The long-awaited color is made even sweeter by the fact that 10% of proceeds are going to Fotolanthropy's filming and production of "Howdy"-- an inspirational story featuring Howdy Homemade which tells a story of a man with a dream for his employees with special needs.

7. Mint OPI Nail Lacquer

Make a true stateMINT of your obsession with a mint mani/pedi! This shade is so chic against sun-kissed skin and will be the perfect finishing touch to any summer ensemble!

Mint: The Story Behind the Strap

Posted on July 21, 2016 by FOTO

Our new limited edition Fotostrap is more than just another chic color to add to our collection. The cherry on top is that we designed "Mint" in honor of and to support Fotolanthropy's newest story featuring a local Dallas ice cream shop, Howdy Homemade. Fotolanthropy is just weeks away from releasing this story and short film, so we are thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak preview of this deliciously sweet story of dreaming, exceeding expectations, and ice cream.

Howdy Story Strap

Howdy Homemade is the concept of restaurateur Tom Landis, a man who sees untapped potential in his special-needs employees. Tom believes in the American dream and that even those with disabilities deserve the opportunity to achieve that dream. Fourteen of his sixteen Howdy Homemade employees have special needs, including Coleman Jones (pictured above and below). With a heart ignited by a passion to lead those with special needs to a new level of social standard, Tom is making waves in changing the way his community sees disability, and changing these young peoples' lives forever.

Howdy Story Strap

Tom quote

Howdy Story Strap

Join us in supporting the production of this film (and others like it) by shopping FOTO and purchasing with purpose. We are proud and honored to give back 10% of all proceeds to Fotolanthropy to help tell inspiring true stories like "Howdy" and hope you will consider following/supporting Fotolanthropy and the stories they tell, too. To learn more about how we give back and to check out some of the stories we've supported, click here.

*Be the first to see the full-length "Howdy" short film by signing up for Fotolanthropy's newsletter here.

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Beach, Please

Posted on July 14, 2016 by FOTO

Beach, Please

Beach, please- we've all got vacation on the brain and can't wait for the last hoorahs of summer. We've rounded up six of our favorite beach-bound essentials and hope these help you on your quest for the perfect accessories for your end-of-summer trips. 

1. Erickson Beamon for Draper James Red Velvet Jewel Studs

Just because you'll be outside sunning and swimming, doesn't mean you can't rock some chic jewelry. Grace your ears with these adorable southern belle studs made with hard enameled faceted crystal stones and let them glow aside your sun-kissed skin.

2. Love and Lemons Belize One-Piece

This swim piece from Love and Lemons is the perfect combination: classic and flirty. Made to accentuate your feminine figure with princess seams and ruffled details, you'll be sure to turn heads in this go-to little black swimmy.

3. Personalized Seaside Fotostrap

No trip to the beach can go undocumented-- the Seaside Fotostrap (named for our favorite beach destination) is the perfect camera accessory to keep your camera safe and your get-up chic as you take those obligatory sunset pics. [For every purchase, Fotostrap gives 10% of it's proceeds to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit film and photography business that honors the stories of people going through adverse situations.]

4. J.Crew Kids' Sunnylife Really Big Inflatable Ball

Keep the good times rolling with this bright and striped beach ball from J.Crew. Take a break from laying in the sand and join in on some keep-away and volleyball as you enjoy fun in the sun with your friends and family.

5. Anthropologie Leave-A-Message Sun Hat

Quirky has never been so chic as this wide-brimmed sun hat from Anthropologie. Set your vacay vibe in this adorable accessory as you lay out on the beach with a daiquiri in hand and your work phone still in your carry on.

6. Target Women's Chevron Structured Tote White - Merona

Tote your day's necessities (including your seaside fotostrap) in this jute bag from Target. Spacious and beach-inspired, this piece will keep you organized and ready to take on whatever vacation adventures arise. 

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Made in America

Posted on June 30, 2016 by FOTO

Made in America

As we celebrate our independence and freedom as a nation this weekend, we thought we’d share the stories of a selection of American-made brands we admire.  


The Things We Keep

1. The Things We Keep

Founded in 2011, The Things We Keep is an architectural jewelry line headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Based on the idea that of all the things we accumulate in our lifetime, the things that stay with us are the things we keep most dear to us. All work is designed and fabricated by hand in NYC.  

Previously a marketing executive for nine years, Kay Wang brings a unique outsider's perspective to art in her work as a designer and an intense focus and scrutiny on craftsmanship as a jeweler; a focus on sculptural design and impeccable workmanship have become signatures to her line. 

Ebbetts Field Flannels

2. Ebbetts Field Flannels

"In 1988, my search for an original, wool uniform led me to a warehouse containing baseball flannel dating from the 40's. I bought in one bolt at a time and we literally built our company on it."
- Jerry Cohen, Owner and Founder

Ebbets Field Flannels continues to be run by its original founders, and remains committed to bringing the quality, beauty and craftsmanship of mid-Century American athletic garments to a 21st Century public.

Ace & Everett

3. Ace & Everett

Our grandfather, Raymon "Ace" Everett Disch, showed us what it means to build your own American dream. He was a man of effortless confidence and lived to be a man of great style. "Ace" wore a crisply folded pocket square and tie pins when inspecting his machines at the crack of dawn. His commitment to quality and attention to detail was impeccable. We draw inspiration from him in everything we do.

Our partnership with a family-run hosiery mill, based in the USA, is a great source of pride. Each pair of Ace & Everett socks receives individual care from the factory's 275 employees, and are carefully handled in a mill that has been open since 1920.


4. Tellason

Tony Patella and Pete Searson have been like-minded friends since 1990. Their love for durable goods, their respect for where they came from and who made them is found in their brand. "We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won't happen. If you know us, you know this to be true..."



The economy was still recovering from the 2008 crisis and I knew at that time it would be difficult to rely solely on donations to continue our work. I was inspired to create a socially conscious product so that we could have a sustainable business model that would ensure Fotolanthropy could continue the work of documenting inspiring true stories. A camera strap seemed to be the perfect fit since it would support a movement of photographers and filmmakers. The dream of Fotostrap was developed on a 16 hour road trip to Colorado and then came to life in 2012. 

When we started talking about creating a camera strap to help support Fotolanthropy, we knew we wanted our product to reflect the same aesthetic, with high-quality materials and a timeless look. We also strongly felt it was important for us to be creating a product that is made in the United States.

We take pride that our materials’ purchasing, manufacturing and production begin and end in the USA. We are proud to provide jobs in our country, to foster fair and safe commerce, and proudly stand behind the higher standard of our American made products.

Topo Designs

6. Topo Designs

The idea around simplicity and the sense of connectedness with the things we own is a huge part of Topo Designs. A big part of that inherent connectedness also relies on how and where we make our products, we really value the fact that we can work here in Colorado. We are lucky enough to work with our friends and neighbors to make our products and every time we use them we carry a little piece of that community around with us.

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Summer FO-JI-TO

Posted on June 23, 2016 by FOTO

FOTO is the ideal blend of genuine ingredients and refreshing customer service. Supporting American tanneries and family-owned production businesses, this brand (that also gives 10% of proceeds to Fotolanthropy) is the perfect concoction of socially conscious style and photog functionality that you will be sure to enjoy all year long!

Pinch of Personalization: One of our favorite features we offer is an $8 monogram! Whether you decide to add your traditional monogram, initials, name, phrase or logo file-- this feature will make your FOTO product unique to YOU.

Socially Conscious: 10% of our proceeds are given to Fotolanthropy, a photography and film non-profit who specialize in telling the inspiring stories of people in adversity making the best of their circumstances. To learn more about how you can support their movement, click here.

Luxurious Leather: We are super proud to support one of the few American tanneries left (Wickett & Craig) and love that we are able to support American jobs and bring security to this typically outsourced craft.

Splash of Timeless Style: The beauty of leather is in it's simplicity and timelessness. Our product designs take years of perfecting and we are proud to present products that we feel meet our brand's standards of timeless authenticity.

Full Bodied Functional Fashion: Our products are equal parts functional and fashionable. We like to keep our customers in mind when designing and are open to feedback and suggestions on making future products that are more functional for our users!

For Every Kind of Storyteller: With the ability to customize with a monogram, or personalize with color choices we hope to allow every customer the ability to tell their own story. Our hope is for our customers to feel proud and self-reflected through our products-- that they feel their purchase is unique to them and furthers their personal brand.

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